Felting Class Fall 2012

Take a look at some photos from a recent felting workshop I taught in the Houston Heights.
Workshop #1: Flat Felted Sampler
In order to learn the basic fundamentals of wet felting, we started with a flat felted sampler.

Wool roving in unlimited hues


Laying out our designs

Applying hot soapy water to begin the felting process.

Finished samplers:

Workshop #2: Felted Bowls
This project is a more ambitious version of wet felting as it involves a three dimensional shape.

'Moulding' the fiber around a plastic ball
Applying hot soapy water and agitating

Finished Bowls

Workshop #3: Nuno Felting
For our 3rd felting workshop we created scarves using a nuno felting technique on silk.

Laying out our designs onto the silk fabric

This time we apply agitation by rolling our designs

Finished nuno silk fabric:



Workshop #4: Upcycled Bags
In our final workshop we did something a little different: upcycling is taking a pre-existing item and re-purposing it. In this case, we felted thrift store sweaters and turned them into bags. By washing wool sweaters in very hot water, the individual stitches lock together to become a solid piece of fabric that can be cut without unravelling as a normal sweater would do. Here are some samples:






  1. What a great class. It was a whole new dimension in creativity. Kathy and I really enjoyed the class and the group. I plan to use what I learned to make Christmas scarves for my granddaughters.

    Thanks Georgina for making it easy for people that have never even heard of felting.

    Ann A

    1. Thank you Ann! It was a pleasure working with you and seeing all the amazing pieces you created--can't wait to see them at the Art Studio on the Blvd art show (Sat Nov 10th from 1 to 5).

  2. I am so tickled you liked the bag and scarf, coming from you that is high praise indeed!

    Working on the bag was much more fun than the nuno. My hands are best suited for the peasant work,

    I loved working with the felted wool.

    Thank you Georgina for being so patient and inspiring with your gift of the textile,

    (wow that sounded formal) but I mean every word. K


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