3 Session Felting Workshop

3 Session Felting Workshop

What is felting? It's the seemingly magical art of transforming separate threads of fine wool fiber (roving) into a solid and durable piece of fabric. Color and texture can be varied through artistic design and choice of materials. "I'm drawn to the unpredictable nature of felting and other fiber arts. You must form a respectful relationship with the organic fiber you work with; it won't be bullied into submission!" Give it a try! It's a fun activity that everyone can enjoy, and the results are unique and beautiful--you'll amaze yourself!

This workshop introduces students to the felting process using various techniques that can be applied to countless creative projects. Water, suds, and some rolling, throwing, and bashing will not only be fun and informative but have been known to release stress as well! 
This workshop includes 3 one-hour classes (either consecutive or weekly)
All materials are included. Tuition is $150 + $35 supply fee.
Take a look at my website entry for "Felting Class Fall 2012" to see more photos from my previous classes.

Day 1
Flat Felting

Day 2
Felted Bowls

Day 3
Nuno Felting