Spinning Yarns

blowing bubbles in my
hand-knitted jumper

Georgina Key was born in England, surrounded by knitters throughout her childhood. "Of course, at the time, hand-knitted garments were not coveted as they are today," she explains. "Either the yarn was synthetic or so stiff and scratchy you couldn’t stand wearing it. Besides, hand-knitted clothes were not cool." It wasn’t until she’d lived in Texas for 20 years or so that she decided perhaps she’d under-appreciated knitting. "I originally learnt to knit from my grandma who always had her needles clicking away."

her infamous first sweater

She picked up knitting again much later when pregnant with her eldest son. "I was inspired to knit him a sweater. Well, against the advice of the yarn store owner, I selected the most luxurious pure merino. She advised on my first attempt I should use a less expensive yarn. But why bother if it’s not gorgeous and doesn’t feel good in my hands?" The sweater was far from perfect, but lovely in its own way, and her son wore it proudly for the first few months of his life. (She still has it tucked away somewhere all these years later!)

Her process of designing and creating her pieces is very intuitive. "I don’t mess with fancy stitch work much at all as I’m more drawn to yarns that speak for themselves, and I like a strong voice. I rarely use patterns and never make the same piece exactly the same."

Later she grew bored with the commercial yarns she was using and longed to take a step back in the process. So she learnt to spin her own yarn. "Now I use my hand-dyed, handspun yarns mixed with the highest quality commercial yarns I can find to create even more unique pieces."

A throw made from numerous batches of yarn Georgina spun and knitted

A rich eggplant with silkworm cocoons spun in to add texture, along with silk and merino

Light lilac mohair spun with natural white-toned mohair of Minerva the goat

mustard mohair locks

green mohair locks

blue mohair locks