Textiles Archive

felted wool and silk

(close up)

wooden box, free-hand machine stitch portrait on tea-stained linen

"I see seashells on the seashore"
wooden box, free-hand machine stitch portrait on tea-stained linen

"Summer '72"
wooden box, recycled fabric, ribbon, vintage button and jewellery

"How Does Your Garden Grow"
linen panel, burlap, fabric and knitted applique
apprx 36x84 inches


"flora 1"
free-hand machine stitch on tea-stained linen
re-cycled cotton and burlap
vintage button

wooden box, knitted fiber, glass beads, vintage button

"flora 2"
free-hand machine stitch on tea-stained linen
 vintage quilt, kimono & button

"le jardin"
free-hand machine stitch on tea-stained linen
 re-cycled cotton, burlap & quilt
vintage button & earring

Textile collage commission

Re-purposed fabric: felted wool (mohair, cashmere, and lambswool),
vintage kimonos, recycled cotton and silk;
vintage buttons, buckle, and jewelry
free-hand machine stitched & hand-sewn
appx. 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 ft. 

 (see detail below)

'seaside slumber' stitch sketch on linen

Child's 'learn to count' wall hanging
 close-ups of each panel:

1 perfect you to fill our hearts with love

2 tall trees offer shade from above

3 joyful birds to give you flight

4 rosy apples--take a bite!

5 darting fish to tickle your toes

6 spring flowers dancing in rows

7 gentle raindrops pitter patter in your ears

8 musical notes to chase away your fears

9 shining stars to guide your way

10 hugs and kisses for you each day

 large scale banner for tafia restaurant in Houston TX

'le jardin' tapestry: hand-sewn using re-purposed fabrics

'summer quilt' (cotton, queen size)

silk shade with raw-edged, hand-sewn silk flower applique

felted sweater 'lamp cozie' with hand-sewn bird applique; pompoms

'bird in a tree' box: knitted pineapple husk and habu yarn with vintage kimono

'kiss kiss' box: re-purposed felted wool and vintage buttons; brooch with habu knitted tree

'Noel' box: vintage quilt scrap and jewellry, hand-knitted tree with glass beads

'bird on a branch' box: re-purposed fabrics and vintage glass button

'sun bird' box: vintage kimono and jewellry, re-purposed felted wool

'bird on a branch 2' box: re-purposed fabrics; vintage brooch