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Litopia Guest again August 2nd

I'll be a guest on  Litopia  again this Sunday, August 2nd at 11am CST with the fabulous Tex  Thompson (who you met at my book launch in June)--see you then! Litopia Guest June 28, 2020

Book Dedication

dedication page Nan & I at her 90th birthday I've often wondered who the people are that authors' dedicate their books to, what their relationship is and why they chose them. What a huge decision. But I knew very early on that I would dedicate Shiny Bits In Between to my grandmother (Nan) and Sheila, her eldest daughter. Both women have been muses for me, and many of my artistic endeavors are rooted in their persons. I couldn't have written this book without either of these extraordinary women. *** It was the early 1930's when my curious and fearless grandmother found an advertisement in the newspaper about a job in Brasil. It sounded like an adventure, so she applied and got the job. She boarded a boat in London and crossed the seas to Brasil where she met my grandfather. Nan had children late for the era. She was over forty when she had my uncle, her last child. She had adventures to enjoy, after all. Ethel Kenning (Nan) Nan and She

Shiny Bits In Between Author Reading and Interview

Watch Here! (I apologise for the video quality--fast forward to about halfway for the interview.)