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Syllables of the Briny World, Release April 2024

  This day fifteen years ago, we lost our beloved little yellow house by the sea--skeletal pylons were all that remained.  On September 13th, 2008, Hurricane Ike decimated Bolivar Peninsula, a remote rural community on the Texas Gulf Coast that would never be quite the same again.  My latest book,  Syllables of the Briny World , is an homage to this extraordinary place and to all those who suffered loss that day. It is a book of hope and resilience against the wrath of mother nature. You needn't have read  Shiny Bits In Between  to appreciate this story. But if you have, you'll already know the characters in this followup novel which picks up four years later as residents face this catastrophic storm. Release date, April 2024. Look for posts as publication gets closer--I can't wait to share  Syllables of the Briny World  with you!