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Available on Amazon Worldwide: Buy Now  or  Preview Signed author copy available directly from me ($20 plus $5 shipping & handling). Support indie publishers by buying directly from Balance of Seven Press: Shiny Bits in Between Paperback     or   Shiny Bits In Between Ebook Support indie bookstores by buying local (anywhere books are sold)
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Shiny Bits Holiday Gift Pak #2

I’m thrilled about my latest artist collaboration! I commissioned ceramicist, Carole Smith, to make these adorable ‘shine on’ dishes. They’re 4” in diameter and each one is unique—the perfect spot for your shiny bits✨ These will go in my limited edition holiday gift paks, which also include an author-signed copy of shiny bits in between (and a few other goodies that I’ll reveal soon)! $40 each. Available at local holiday markets or email me to preorder! Meet Carole Smith! Website McCheeks Mayhem Shop McCheek's Academy Adult Classes Instagram Etsy Store

Reading and Supper

Author Reading and Supper

October Influencer✨

I’m honored to be the October Influencer for The Golden Years Box this month! Here’s the link to check out this wonderful organization that celebrates women over 50✨✨✨ The Golden Years Box

Shiny Bits Behind-the-Scenes Part 4--Ferry Ride!

If you’ve never ridden the ferry between Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula, now’s your chance! And if you have, you’ll recognize this😊🌊⛴ Both Dorie and Clementine take the ferry in my book... (Excerpt from Shiny Bits in Between)

Shiny Bits Behind-the-Scenes Part 3--Bolivar Hot Spots!

 Join me for a tour of some popular places on the peninsula that are featured in my book! The amazing background music is by the mutli-talented Eben Schumacher who wrote this piece, Shiny Bits Theme, just for my book (he also created the cover)!

Shiny Bits Behind the Scenes Part 2--Little Yellow House

Did you know Dorie's house in Shiny Bits was based on my own little yellow house by the sea? Here it is...a nd as a bonus/extra: that amazing kitchen window I mentioned (along with a special musical accompaniment by Joe, my hubby!)  

Special Edition Shiny Bits Gift Pak!

In collaboration with  Stellarose  Studio! U R MY SHINY BIT bar pendant or key ring  with book $35 +shipping. SHINE ON token key ring or bracelet with book $30 +shipping.