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Writespace: May's Featured Author


Hurricane Ghost Story (Expanded)

  When people ask me what my latest novel,  Syllables of the Briny World, is about, I tell them it's a hurricane ghost story. But it's not just a ghost story... Hurricane Ghost Story Video

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Order Here  or  Amazon  or anywhere books are sold! * Praise For Syllables of the Briny World Georgina Key guides us through the sweeping sensorial landscape of Bolivar Peninsula on the Texas Gulf Coast during one of the deadliest weather events of living memory. Diving deep into the hearts and minds of her characters, we celebrate their private triumphs, while mourning the profound losses that come with them. Lush and lyrical, Syllables of the Briny World is a gorgeous rendering of life, love, and loss. E. Piotrowicz, The Currach and the Corncrake and Mother of Wild Beasts Part mystery, part love story, part survival saga, with prose that sparkles like the Gulf itself, Georgina Key immerses us in a magical geography which exists between reality and fantasy, in the uncertain realm where ocean meets a sliver of land. Catherine Vance, The Mountains Under Her Feet These pages are filled with tender and often spiritual questions about life and death and the way memory shapes our present

'the capricious nature of water' Equinox, Volume Six

I'm honored that my oil painting,  the capricious nature of water,  has been selected for this wonderful journal and is also the winner in the art category. Browse the link to see extraordinary poetry, prose and art:   Equinox Spring Edition This oil painting was a piece I did to accompany my two Bolivar novels:  Shiny Bits in Between  (2020) and  Syllables of the Briny World  (2024) .  Both books center around the capricious nature of the ocean as both a source of wonder and a source of fear. Either way, she must be respected and valued at all costs.

Podcast: Authors Over 50

Honored to be featured on Julia Daily's podcast this month: Authors Over 50. Check out the link to hear about my author's journey and an excerpt from my new book, Syllables of the Briny World (April 2024). Listen here and please consider subscribing to the podcast for more authors' stories:   Syllables of the Briny World đź’«SHOUTOUTSđź’« Bolivar Peninsula, Texas Gulf Coast, Grackle and Grackle, Inprint, Writespace, Balance of Seven Press, Tiki Man, Sea View Hotel

"Communion" Gyroscope Review, Fall 2023

  Thank you to  Gyroscope Review  for publishing my poem, Communion .  It was inspired by my visit to a cemetery in Luss during our summer in Scotland and seems especially apt for this issue which honors becoming older and dwelling in a place of remembrance✨

Syllables of the Briny World, Release April 2024

  This day fifteen years ago, we lost our beloved little yellow house by the sea--skeletal pylons were all that remained.  On September 13th, 2008, Hurricane Ike decimated Bolivar Peninsula, a remote rural community on the Texas Gulf Coast that would never be quite the same again.  My latest book,  Syllables of the Briny World , is an homage to this extraordinary place and to all those who suffered loss that day. It is a book of hope and resilience against the wrath of mother nature. You needn't have read  Shiny Bits In Between  to appreciate this story. But if you have, you'll already know the characters in this followup novel which picks up four years later as residents face this catastrophic storm. Release date, April 2024. Look for posts as publication gets closer--I can't wait to share  Syllables of the Briny World  with you!