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International Book Awards Finalist

Full list here ✨  

Writefest Reading

 I’m excited to be reading at this event along with other fab writers—see you there!

Author Reading May 21

Join me for my first in-person bookstore event where I’ll be reading from my novel, answering audience questions, and signing copies of my book—buy one there or bring your own copy—shine on!

Join me April 2nd in Bolivar, TX where I’ll be selling signed copies of Shiny Bits in Between!

Fiction Class January 2022

  Climb Into Their Skin “ You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it .” To Kill a Mockingbird   As writers, we spent much of our time in our character’s skin and the world in which they walk, and our goal is to bring our eager readers along with us on this journey.    What is it that makes  you  keep turning the page when you pick up a book? Is it fascinating and complex characters, evocative language,  a strong voice, a  vivid setting  or tantalizing plot? Our  aim  as writers is to tell a story that seamlessly elevates all these elements . W e want our reader s  to immerse themselves in our story, but also , perhaps,  to stop and ponder what deeper meanings may be revealed upon a closer reading, what extra layers may be unveiled between the lines.    In this class ,  we will work on how to make all these elements shine  in our writing . We’ll examine outside readings by authors who employ

Author Poetry Reading Nov 4


Lyrical Prose Workshop--Join me!

Lyrical Prose: Raise Your Writing to the Next Level by Georgina Key Two Saturdays Nov 6  &  Nov 13 from 1-4 Do you enjoy stories that immerse you in place so you can smell the sea air or that describe an object so acutely you can feel it in your hand?  Finding a poetic cadence, adding sensory detail, or distilling profound meaning in just a few select words can raise your writing to another level that sets it apart from mere plot driven storytelling. I will offer you techniques to incorporate lyrical writing into your prose that doesn’t take away from the story itself, doesn’t bog it down with unnecessary detail but instead adds depth and nuance to every aspect, including character, theme, place—the opportunities are endless! We’ll work from generative prompts in class; you may bring samples from current works in progress that you’d like to enhance with lyricism, and we’ll look at some of my favorite lyrical passages as inspiration. Click here for details and to sign up