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Fiction Writing Class

I’m teaching a fiction class with the wonderful Grackle and Grackle writing program—if you need a place to talk with fellow writers and further hone your craft, I’d love to have you! It’s all on Zoom, so anyone from anywhere can join the class!

Shiny Bits Holiday Gift Paks are the Perfect Present✨

  Shiny Bits gift pak includes: signed author copy (also sold separately) Georgina Key hand-crocheted shell bookmark EITHER a McCheeks Mayhem 'shine on' 4" plate perfect for your shiny bits OR a Stella Rose bar necklace (side 1: 'u r my', side 2: 'shiny bit' Eli's Bluejay Bakery Handmade Salted Caramel Georgina Key hand-felted bookmarks sold separately $10 ea. Shiny Bits Gift Paks are $45 each