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Georgina Key is a writer and artist who grew up in England and currently lives in Houston, Texas. She graduated with an M.A. in English Literature and has taught writing for many years. She and her husband founded the children's literary zine, Silver Rocket and co-wrote the chapbook, Mean, Ugly Cat

shiny bits in between is her first novel.

shiny bits in between won a Wall of Fame for best submission. 
And Daffodils won best flash fiction prize on

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Every year Clementine and her father visited Angangueo to honor her mother. On the mountain top, monarch butterflies hung from Oyamel tree branches, thousands of them in pleated layers like discarded quinceañera dresses. During Dia de los Muertos, families gathered and brought picnics and shared stories, memories of their loved ones. She watched them laugh and weep and dance and eat while her father stood silently by her side. Him in his black suit and her in a white dress with ribbons that her niñera, Maria, insisted she wear—the perfect little daughter. Her father's grief was a silent and endless prayer between himself and God, a conversation she was not a part of. So she waited and watched the butterflies and the families, and wondered what it felt like to be loved. (shiny bits in between, danaus).

shiny bits in between

Coming June 2020! a story about loss, resilience, transformation and connection