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Praise For Syllables of the Briny World

Georgina Key guides us through the sweeping sensorial landscape of Bolivar Peninsula on the Texas Gulf Coast during one of the deadliest weather events of living memory. Diving deep into the hearts and minds of her characters, we celebrate their private triumphs, while mourning the profound losses that come with them. Lush and lyrical, Syllables of the Briny World is a gorgeous rendering of life, love, and loss.

E. Piotrowicz, The Currach and the Corncrake and Mother of Wild Beasts

Part mystery, part love story, part survival saga, with prose that sparkles like the Gulf itself, Georgina Key immerses us in a magical geography which exists between reality and fantasy, in the uncertain realm where ocean meets a sliver of land.

Catherine Vance, The Mountains Under Her Feet

These pages are filled with tender and often spiritual questions about life and death and the way memory shapes our present and our future. Read to the end and be devastated by the sort of profound joy and solace that literature offers to our most pressing question of how we can learn to love each other, despite our broken souls. Heartbreaking and hearthealing, this book is a tender reminder that deep love in all its crazy manifestations is all that matters.

Robin Reagler, award-winning poet of Night Is This Anyway and Into The The

Georgina Key is a master of the deeply felt novel that can crack open your heart and move you to tears. Houses, humans and animals are lost, but the wild wind and flooding waters eventually teach these wonderful characters what’s really important – the brave connections we build with each other, despite the possible heartache living in all moments of deep love.

Cynthia Williams, ‘An Angel Serves a Small Breakfast,’ Tampa Review

Syllables of the Briny World brings beautiful depth to the sense of place. From the majesty and terror of the ocean to the ethereal dimensions that overlay our very own, Georgina Key’s words guide us to the ultimate place of being – our hearts. You come away knowing that our energies leave a most beautiful imprint behind, an imprint that forever connects us to one another.

Dawn Adams Cole, It's Not the Same for Us and Drops of Cerulean

Beautifully immersive characterization and storytelling that swept me from page to page as the flood waters rose.

Hannah Faoilean, A Schoolgirl’s Swansong’ Writing Magazine


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