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Spinning Yarns

I not only spin yarns with words, but also with poodle hair!

A spinning project close to my heart: my friend's poodle hair, which became even more poignant after Gromit passed away (this fur is from his very last haircut). I also spun hair from Rufus' very first haircut.


Drying after a gentle wash (smells like wet dog!)

Winding the spun hair onto my swift

Spinning at my wheel

Completed Gromit Skein

Rufus (work in progress)


  1. Interesting I learned something new. I never new you could spin wool from a dog.

    1. It's a little trickier than sheep or goat, but such sentiment attached. I was once gifted bags and bags full of mohair from a local farm. When I spun it and sold the yarn, I named each skein after the goat it had come from :)


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