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Shiny Bits Behind-the-Scenes Part 4--Ferry Ride!

If you’ve never ridden the ferry between Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula, now’s your chance! And if you have, you’ll recognize this๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒŠ⛴ Both Dorie and Clementine take the ferry in my book...

(Excerpt from Shiny Bits in Between)


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Shiny Bits Behind the Scenes Part 2--Little Yellow House

Did you know Dorie's house in Shiny Bits was based on my own little yellow house by the sea? Here it is...a nd as a bonus/extra: that amazing kitchen window I mentioned (along with a special musical accompaniment by Joe, my hubby!)  

Shiny Bits Collage

All these photos were taken on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas and reflect places and events in my novel. Each one of these images is a moment in my own life that ended up informing my writing of shiny bits in between --my homage to this extraordinary place.

Bolivar Peninsula Here I Come!

I made a recent trip to my beloved Bolivar to drop off some Shiny Bits paperbacks at a few local retailers. I took photos and video footage of my trip to share with my readers.  August 30th at 7 pm CST, watch my author spot at the  Literary Lockdown  Book Fair, hosted by Creative Central on Facebook for more behind-the-scenes of Shiny Bits In Between!  See you then! h