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Shiny Bits Behind-the-Scenes Part 4--Ferry Ride!

If you’ve never ridden the ferry between Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula, now’s your chance! And if you have, you’ll recognize this😊🌊⛴ Both Dorie and Clementine take the ferry in my book...

(Excerpt from Shiny Bits in Between)


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Photo by Georgina Key Every year Clementine and her father visited Angangueo  to honor her mother. On the mountain top, monarch butterflies hung from Oyamel tree branches, thousands of them in pleated layers like discarded quincea ñ era dresses. During Dia de los Muertos, families gathered and brought picnics and shared stories, memories of their loved ones. She watched them laugh and weep and dance and eat while her father stood silently by her side. Him in his black suit and her in a white dress with ribbons that her ni ñera , Maria, insisted she wear—the perfect little daughter. Her father's grief was a silent and endless prayer between himself and God, a conversation she was not a part of. So she waited and watched the butterflies and the families, and wondered what it felt like to be loved.  ( shiny bits in between, danaus ).

Spinning Yarns

I not only spin yarns with words, but also with poodle hair! A spinning project close to my heart: my friend's poodle hair, which became even more poignant after Gromit passed away (this fur is from his very last haircut). I also spun hair from Rufus' very first haircut. Gromit Rufus Drying after a gentle wash (smells like wet dog!) Winding the spun hair onto my swift Spinning at my wheel Completed Gromit Skein Rufus (work in progress)

Shiny Bits In Between Buy Now!

Available on Amazon Worldwide: Buy Now  or  Preview Signed author copy available directly from me ($20 plus $5 shipping & handling). Support indie publishers by buying directly from Balance of Seven Press: Shiny Bits in Between Paperback     or   Shiny Bits In Between Ebook Support indie bookstores by buying local (anywhere books are sold)