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Writing and working with writers is my passion--one of my greatest joys is when a writer has a writing breakthrough moment, or sees their work in print, or geeks out as much as I do over a particularly mesmerizing word or line.

I've taught writing for over 30 years at all levels and ages. My experience includes academic settings, workshop settings, and one-on-one coaching and collaboration. My mission is to get to know your unique writing style, project, and work method to best serve your needs as a writer. I care deeply about my client's work. My intuitive approach to mentoring writers, and my sincere investment in honing each writer's individual voice, has led to publishing deals and a true sense of creative energy and accomplishment. I work primarily with fiction writers (especially literary fiction and women's fiction), but I am open to literary memoirs and other genres, depending on the project.

"I have been taking quite a number of classes for the last three years, and today I might have received the most "breakthrough" writing instruction ever!" Christine

Current Offerings

Group Workshops

Grackle and Grackle--check their website here for offerings (rates vary per class). Or inquire about a customized workshop for your reading or writing group.

"If you're looking for a purposeful and creative way to spend a Saturday afternoon, look no further than Georgina Key's Lyrical Prose workshop. Here you will read stimulating prose together, write your won prose in response to writing prompts, music, and art, and bask in the glow of a warm and congenial atmosphere populated by other budding and experienced writers. Even though this workshop was on Zoom, the shared creative space that Georgina skillfully facilitated offered a rich and fertile soil for letting our imaginations run wild on paper. Highly recommend." Meenakshi

Regular Coaching Sessions

(Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options). Each workshop is based on a one-hour session. We begin by discussing an outside reading by a writer who has honed their craft and models what excellent writing can be. I select excerpts that reflect your personal genre and style preferences. Then I supply a warm-up writing prompt that aims to nudge you out of your comfort zone and stretch your writing muscles. The final half-hour focuses on a close discussion of pages you submit to me for feedback (up to 20 pages per session). $65/hour (discounts available for longer-term commitments.)

"Georgina has processes for coaxing the seemingly elusive: creativity! Using a range of techniques, she soon has her writers putting words to paper and feeling thoroughly engaged in the possibilities. She has a warmth and passion for writing combined with a strong sense of quality that gives students the confidence to keep working and refining. Georgina is skillful at leading group classes with sensitivity and respect, creating a safe environment for participants to share. I highly recommend her classes for both the experienced and beginning writer." Aralee
"It's been so helpful to have early feedback on sections of my new project, and I've thoroughly enjoyed stretching my writing muscles with your readings and prompts." Elise

Individual Developmental Editing

This can occur on a chapter by chapter basis as you progress through your manuscript, or it can be a full assessment of a completed manuscript. I provide in-text notes along with a written feedback summary offering ideas for revision. Also included is a one-hour discussion of the written feedback. Fees: $75/hr (80,000 words=approximately 30-40 hours depending on individual needs.)


"I couldn't see my novel finished before. Now I can. Big thumbs up." Mike

Please email me with the following information: your writing experience (if any--new writers are welcome), current needs, genre, word count/scope of project if applicable, and sample pages (up to 10 pages double-spaced). If I think we're a good fit, within a week I will schedule a short 15-30 minute virtual meeting to chat and see if we both want to move forward. You can also email me with questions. 

Award-winning author, Georgina Key


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